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Flooding Notifications: Roads and Creeks

Austin's in the heart of Flash Flood Alley and subject to flooding even in a drought.

You are the one best able to protect yourself, your family and your neighbors from flooding. ATXFloods Alerts will help you know when to keep an eye on changing conditions, so you can take action to protect yourself.

Roads: Subscribers to ATXFloods Alerts will be notified of Austin's first road closure during a storm by text and/or email. Additional updates on road closures will be posted in real-time at

Creeks: To help you be aware when a creek is rapidly rising near you, subscribers will be notified once by text, email and/or phone. This notification means you should begin monitoring weather and creek conditions through NOAA weather radio, television and radio reports, etc.

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Terms and Conditions

I hereby apply to participate in the ATXFloods Alerts! Advance Notification Service of the City of Austin (‘the City).

I acknowledge that the purpose of ATXFloods Alerts! is to alert me by text, email message and/or phone (1) should the City feel that dangerous flooding is possible in the areas that I have agreed to be notified and/or (2) when the City opens or closes a low water crossing about which I have agreed to be notified. I understand that in some circumstances, the City may open or close low water crossings without sending a warning message and/or the City may not provide warning prior to dangerous flooding in areas which I have agreed to be notified. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to be aware of dangerous flooding conditions, regardless of the City’s ability to provide warnings. I understand that I must be prepared to act in response to dangerous flooding conditions to ensure my personal safety. I agree it is my responsibility to monitor local news media, National Weather Service broadcasts and/or other information sources to keep me and my family aware of potentially hazardous conditions. I agree to hold the City, its employees, agents and successors harmless for any injury, death and/or property damage that I, or any person on the premises of my residence or business establishment, may suffer due to a failure of the ATXFloods Alerts! system to provide notification to the above telephone number(s) and/or e-mail addresses.

I agree to notify the City in writing or via e-mail to of any changes in telephone number(s). I understand it will take up to thirty days for the City to enter my initial or updated information into the ATXFloods Alerts! system. The City may terminate this service at any time by providing thirty (30) days written notice to the address contained on this application.